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Mahajan Rubber House was established in 1985 by Banarsi Dass Mahajan . With humble beginning, it is famous for high quality yet economical products. After struggling for few years, Sons Rakesh Mahajan & Vivek Mahajan lessen their Burden by learning all the details & working of the Foundation their father has laid.  

Later Vineet Mahajan, son of Rakesh Mahajan, estabhished Mahajan Tyre Company in 2007 made more friendly & renovated with more facilities & ease just for it's clients & customers. 
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We made our products, Stretch to the Extent of User's Requirement and Ease. Our Natural Rubber is being used in making all kinds of Rubber Products. The process of converting Natural Rubber in various important products is done keeping in mind...
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Natural rubber latex is a natural gifted product. Raw or Natural rubber can make products with.. Seventy percent and more of all rubber produced, goes into tyres tubes industry. Tyres tubes for cycle..
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IS 2415 : 2004

CM/L 9989329

AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Mahajan Tyre Company
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Mahajan Trading Co.
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Mahajan Rubber House
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